Our Café

We Enhance Our Recipes With Affection

Since the café’s opening in 2012, inspiration from South America and Asia has found its way on the menu earning Lolo and Wren an award-winning reputation. Having been featured in the ‘Good Food Guide’ and the ‘Herald Sun’, the café is known for serving an extensive range of coffee along with food that covers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Dishes made for eyes and coffee brewed for soul will definitely make your experience whole! Top that up with a great customer service partnered with warm hospitality and you have deliciousness in your mouth.

Behind The Scenes

No Taste Can Surpass The Taste Of Fulfilled Dreams

The new owners Aman had this little dream of owning a café where they’d brew love and serve happiness.

Living Their Dream In All Its Glory.

Ask them about their favourite flavour and the instant words that tumble down their lips are “The Flavour of Fulfilled Dreams”. They sprinkle the happiest of the emotions in their dishes using only the finest local ingredients. Stop by and say “Hello” to this lovely couple and get treated by some of the most mouth-watering dishes!

Locally Sourced Fresh Ingredients